Time is on my side?

Jumped out of bed this morning at 255am to be get online for my weekly chat for my “individual Communication Management” course, to discover that Oz had not change their clocks yet- SO I was an hour early! GRR&#@!!*&#%!


What to do – well I think 3am is a good time to post to my blog. In the car yesterday, an old Rolling Stones tune came on – Time is on my side- and this song has been stuck in my head!

As the 2nd week of the semester rolls along, I wonder if time is on my side?

is for Trees – OMG the amount of reading for the 1st week equaled about 60 pages, combined with text book and journal articles. Of course this makes perfect sense – this is an online course so the no F2F classes must be compensated- I just did not clue into how much reading there would be and the Time investment… sure I can read.. however it is my retention that is challenged! I need to print all the readings, do a drive by-reading with a yellow highlighter, then return to the readings to comprehend what I have read, using the highlights . And a week later, refresh my memory. Geesh…! My apologies to the trees

I is isolation Feeling lonely!. I am current in the Chat room for the weekly scheduled online chat ( it is 4:00 am my time!) and it is only me and the instructor. I am hoping to connect with my classmates in the future. It is just the 2nd week – I am going to reach out with a Facebook and Twitter invitation. I need some interaction! Oh look, two others have entered the chat room – and  then there were 4.

M is money… my tuition is due in 2 days!

E is for exhale –  don’t panic!



And so it begins!


Tomorrow is  the day my classes start – I am excited and admittedly a bit scared!

I have been doing all the geeky student things to prepare – contacted my instructor in January (3 months before the course begins) to ask for the textbook info so I could get a head start.  Got a special new daytimer,  notebook and binders – I love shopping at Staples! Even though the textbook is an E-book, I am so much more comfortable  printing the pages and reading with a highlighter in hand. Yes, old school.

I have participated in  online webinars offering tours and information about the university and the online experience. I have read the chapters and readings assigned for the first week. (OMG so much to read!) Checked out the resources on the course websites. Read the Subject Outline and noted all the assignments and due dates. And I have dipped my toes into the Course Website Forum and introduced myself  to all these delightful young students, who are probably old enough to be my children.

I am a bit time zone challenged – the course is at Charles Sturt University, located just outside Sydney, Australia and I am located in Canada.  My geekiness continues as I have printed charts that match my local time with Oz to keep me on track and glued them into my school daytimer. No more mental math.

I was thrilled to see that a weekly online chat is scheduled for one of the courses at 730pm Oz time.. which is 330am my time!

Yes , I will be there with a very LARGE coffee!maturestudentmug_9m10

I will now take another coffee, JAZZ FM and  my textbook and curl up in front of the fire and refresh my memory to prepare for tomorrow.

This is the fear I mentioned earlier – old brain cells and retention!

So it  begins!